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Immigration laws

We offer legal assistance to those applying for several residence permits in the Netherlands. Thus we can assist you in both the asylum procedure and in the several regular procedures. Regular procedures can pursue several aims, among which family reunification, family formation, study, labour and medical treatment.

The immigration laws are mainly controlled by legislation originating from the ‘Vreemdelingenwet’ and the ‘Vreemdelingenbesluit’. On 1 April 2001 the new immigration law became effective. This act, but also the constant modifications in the remaining regulations, make it difficult to obtain and keep a residence permit. But meanwhile it has been proven that it is certainly not impossible.

Because of our many years of experience in advice and assistance, and in handling applications for residence permits, we can give you specific support. Nevertheless, in this area of law we cannot give you any guarantees as to the results, seeing that we are also dependent on the strict and changing policies. However, we can guarantee that we will look after your interests very carefully and that we will dedicate ourselves to a positive result.