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Family law

Most of the work we do in this area of the law is related to the dissolution of marriages. In case of a divorce, important matters have to be settled. In this emotionally difficult period, you have to deal with all kinds of serious immediate and financial problems, of which the impact can be weighty. Examples are: assessment of alimony payments, partition of property, settlement/equalization. Then it is important to fall back on a legal adviser who remains focused on the legal aspect.

When minor children are involved, good arrangements will have to be made concerning custody, access rights and maintenance payments. It is essential, also for your children, to carefully consider the situation. You will profit from the support of an expert consultant.

Mediation is another service we offer for the solution of problems surrounding your divorce. This is a form of conflict handling where an independent, neutral person, the mediator, helps the parties to come to a mutually acceptable solution which is based on parties’ actual interests. During mediation the actual interests of both parties are explored, after which parties create their own solutions to their conflict. As a result, the dispute can usually be settled in such a manner that for both parties a win-win-situation arises. This is important for good relations in the long term. When this type of solution is not possible or desirable, all legal means remain available to you.

For other legal problems in the field of family law you can ask our help as well. Examples are: prenuptial agreements, refusal to recognize a child, change of name, parentage, adoption, but also modification of the arrangements for parental access, alimony or custody of minors.

In short, Obtentus is able to support and assist you optimally. We put involvement with the client first.